ECSO has ‘person of interest’ in custody regarding Eclectic vehicle break-ins

Published 10:56am Thursday, March 21, 2013

A rash of car break-ins may have been thwarted by the Elmore County Sheriff’s Department.
A number of residents along Mullins Road in Eclectic as well as the Tallassee Highway reported various items being taken from their vehicles on Monday and Tuesday.
By week’s end, the sheriff’s department has a “person of interest” in custody, according to Chief Deputy Ricky Lowery.
“We were able to work on a few leads and were able to identify a suspect,” he said. “The person is in custody, but has not be charged just yet.”
Since the person has not been charged with a particular crime, the sheriff’s department did not release the name of the suspect.
Some of the various items taken from the vehicles were firearms, cash and jewelry.
Lowery said some of the items listed as being missing were found with the “person of interest.”
“We’re thinking the person who may have received the stolen property is believed to be the person who actually stole the property, but we are working to confirm this,” Lowery added.

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