Unique way to decide March Madness teams

Published 11:41am Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness in under way in our offices this week, and it’s serious business around here. We all fill out a bracket and trash talk each other as the tournament plays out.
We all take turns joking on how the sports editor, who shall remain nameless, always has the losing bracket. It’s fair; he’s suppose to be the professional.
I am “girlie” when it comes to basketball. I know absolutely nothing about basketball leading up to the tournament except for the snippets I get while walking past the TV in my house.
Sometimes I will sit and watch for a few minutes, get an update from my son, and then I get bored and I move on to laundry, load the dishwasher, mow the grass or something else less torturous.
Despite my lack of interest in basketball, I actually won the bracket last year!
My method is pretty simple.
I take the bracket, Google the teams, and the team with the most attractive uniforms is the winner.
Pretty simple, right?
Some doubt my method but trust me, I won the bracket last year and my bracket is always pretty strong year after year.
So, if you’re struggling with a bracket or a fantasy team — use the “most attractive uniform” method. And remember, the more fashion-forward, the larger the point spread will be.
It will certainly help you out with the games you absolutely can’t decide on.
In my case, it helps determine the winner of all of the games and provides extra joke material we can use on the sports guys.

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