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Deputy shoots armed Slapout man

Published 10:17am Monday, March 25, 2013

An Elmore County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a Holtville man last night after he pointed a handgun at them, Sheriff Bill Franklin said.
The two deputies, both veterans of more than 15 years, responded to a Hogan Road residence after a third party called around 10:54 p.m. Tuesday, concerned about the welfare of 34-year-old Jeremy Acre’s wife and children.
Acre met the deputies at the front door with a handgun, Franklin said, which the deputies heard him “rack” to put a bullet in the chamber at they approached the door.
“They told him who they were and that he needed to drop the gun, but the guy didn’t want to give up the weapon,” Franklin said. “They repeated the command to put down the weapon and, when he didn’t, a supervisor instructed the deputy to tase him.”
When Acre was struck by the taser, he tried to fight off the shock and pull the probes out of his chest. When he again raised the gun at the deputy, the supervisor fired one shot, striking Acre in his upper torso, Franklin said. Acre died at the scene.
Acre’s two young daughters were “in the back of the house,” Franklin said, and did not witness the shooting.
“We were very conscientious about not letting them see their father like that,” he said.
Franklin said Acre “was known to us,” and deputies had “talked to Mrs. Acre as recently as last week regarding some problems.”
The Alabama Bureau of Investigation will take over the investigation, as is customary for officer-involved shootings.

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