County better than Leno headline gag

Published 3:14pm Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First, let me clarify, the news article Jay Leno used to poke fun during his “Headlines” segment of The Tonight Show this past Monday was not a product of this office (insert collective newsroom sighs of relief here.)
I received several calls and texts about this segment. A local television news anchor posted the clip on his Facebook page and the slamming of Elmore County began.
In case you didn’t see the segment, the news article was regarding Stanhope Elmore and a fundraiser that would send the band to “Marty Graw.” I guess since the article was about a school in Elmore County, most automatically assumed the article was written in Elmore County.
It’s very hard not to suddenly take offense to negative comments regarding our wonderful county, our residents, and our schools.
Through the comments you see several references to the “29” automobile tags, Elmorons, rednecks and other sad, tired comments we’ve all heard way too many times over the years. Of course, there are a couple of people who stand up for Elmore County among the long list of comments.
Sure, I’m a little biased, but I am very proud of our county. I enjoy the wonderful mix of people represented across our county. I enjoy the landscape of our county. I like that each community within this county works hard to make their dot on the map better and better every day. I like how we will stand up and defend our neighbors and lend a hand whenever there is a need.
Elmore County offers a tremendous education to its students as well as many options for our quality work force.
Businesses want to locate here and people want to build their families here. Of course, every community can improve in some ways, but I think we’re holding our own just fine.
I don’t know where the news article was written. My assumption would be somewhere outside of Elmore County.
Perhaps, it was written in the home county of the negative commenters. It doesn’t really matter. People make mistakes, and unfortunate typos, every day, in every community.
To quote one of the Elmore County comments, “give me a twenty-nine tag anytime,” and to correct Jay Leno, it’s Stanhope Elmore, kind sir, not Stanhope Elmo.

Shannon Elliott is general manager of the Wetumpka Herald, Tallassee Tribune and Eclectic Observer. Contact her at

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