Former officer wins discrimination suit against Millbrook PD

Published 9:23am Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A former Millbrook police officer may finally see the end to a long legal dispute with her former employer.
The Department of Justice announced Monday that it has entered into a consent decree with the City of Millbrook to resolve the department’s complaint of sex discrimination and retaliation.
Under the terms of the settlement, Millbrook would be ordered to pay Kristen Spraggins an undisclosed amount in compensatory damages.
“This lawsuit should send a clear message that the department (of justice) will take necessary action to eliminate and remedy the effects of unlawful harassment in our public sector workplaces,” said Jocelyn Samuels, principal deputy assistant attorney general of the civil rights division.
The decree also calls for Millbrook to revise and enforce its policies and procedures that prohibit sex discrimination and retaliation and to train officers and other employees on the prevention of sex discrimination and retaliation.
The complaint alleged that Millbrook discriminated against Spraggins by subjecting her to harassment and “disparate treatment based on her sex,” and then firing her in retaliation for her opposition to the discrimination.
Spraggins was Millbrook’s only female police officer in January 2008.
According to the complaint, Spraggins rejected unwanted sexual advances by coworkers and then reported it to her supervisors.
The complaint alleges Millbrook failed to take effective disciplinary action against the coworker (a male sergeant).
The complaint further alleges that Millbrook fired her in retaliation because she pursued internal complaints with the department about sexual harassment and filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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