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Campaign to promote shopping locally

Published 6:00am Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Wetumpka, will officially unveil a new campaign Monday aimed at encouraging people to shop locally.
The kickoff of the “We Are Wetumpka” initiative will be during the April 15 city council meeting.
Vanessa Lynch, chamber executive director, said the campaign’s goal is to stimulate increased spending in local businesses.
The initiative asks citizens to pledge to shift 10 percent of their current spending to Wetumpka area businesses. Mayor Jerry Willis and city council members will be the first to make such a pledge.
Lynch said such a relatively small change in spending patterns can produce big benefits for the region’s economy. She also shared some statistics about shopping with local establishments:
•For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $45 stays in the local economy, creating jobs and expanding the city’s tax base.
•Entrepreneurship fuels economic innovation and prosperity, and serves as a key means for families to move out of low-wage jobs and into the middle class.
•The success of locally owned, independent businesses provides real-life inspiration to young people, proving they can stay in their hometown and ­prosper.
•Small neighborhood and downtown businesses require less public infrastructure and make more efficient use of city services.
•Locally owned businesses are attractive to visitors.
•Locally owned businesses buy more goods and services, like printing and accounting, from other local businesses.

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