Former E-911 director files sex, age discrimination complaint with EEOC

Published 4:00am Sunday, April 14, 2013

Former Elmore County E-911 Director Jean Moe has filed a sex and age discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the Elmore County E-911 Board and the Elmore County Commission.
In a copy of the EEOC affidavit obtained by The Herald, Moe contends she was a victim of age and sex discrimination in the termination of her employment.
Moe, 64, further states in the affidavit that she had become a victim of sex and age discrimination when a “younger white male” was appointed to the vacant position.
The “white male” Moe is referring to is the recently hired new county E-911 director, Jason Jackson.
Jackson’s first day as the new county E-911 director was March 27.
In regard to sex discrimination, Moe said E-911 board member and sheriff Bill Franklin was her “primary antagonist.”
“I immediately tried to be helpful to (Franklin) by suggesting certain solutions to problems he was having in overtime documentation,” Moe stated in the affidavit. “Rather than treat me with respect, Sheriff Franklin often became agitated, and portraying his gender-consciousness, would rattle off statements like ‘I’m going to treat you like a lady … because that’s how I was raised.’ In reality, however, I would then get subjected to very male chauvinist treatment.”
Moe pointed to one instance prior to Thanksgiving 2012 when Franklin “blew a gasket.”
“He was very agitated because I had allegedly gone around him to verify overtime work hours,” she stated. “Sheriff Franklin, sensing my dismay, became so rough with me that it almost made me cry.”
Franklin said he did not want to comment on the complaint and accusations made against him personally.
“It’s a board matter, and I’m just one of seven board members,” he said.
A Feb. 7 letter to the E-911 board whose members are Steve Dennis, Lyn Justiss, Larry Brown, Robert Prince, Eric Jones, Art Faulkner and Franklin was sent on behalf of Moe to inform the board that Julian McPhillips had been retained as legal counsel.
A similar letter was sent on Feb. 12 to the Elmore County Commission.
Almost two weeks after McPhillips sent a letter to the E-911 board, the board’s legal counsel Bob Morris said the E-911 board “upholds its prior decision as to the separation of Moe from her employment with the board.”
In the same letter, Morris said he was authorized by the board to offer to pay Moe $5,400 “as a full compromise settlement.”
Morris said the $5,400 covered “leave of some sort that the board was not required to pay.”
The letter offering the settlement came more than a month before Moe filed a complaint with the EEOC.
“We vigorously deny any aspect to her claim,” Morris said. “The board contends and vigorously defends the claims that there is no basis to the complaint.”
McPhillips said there is more than enough basis to Moe’s complaint to the point that his office has begun drafting civil litigation against the E-911 board and the county commission even before the EEOC’s final decision.
“We hope to rectify this without any litigation,” McPhillips said.
In terms of what Moe is seeking in terms of a settle ment is reinstatement as E-911 director, back pay for lost income and future pay, McPhillips said.
McPhillips did not say if or when his office will file the civil suits.

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