Rep. says he would not be surprised by criminal charges

Published 9:42am Monday, April 29, 2013

In wake of the recent investigation by attorneys with the Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice, no one seems to be surprised with the recent findings released by the National Institute of Corrections regarding sexual misconduct within the walls of Tutwiler Prison.
A week ago, Gov. Robert Bentley said he was not surprised by the DOJ’s investigation and that he’s aware there are problems and they are being corrected.
But at what rate are they being corrected and what exactly is being corrected?
Alabama Department of Corrections Commissioner Kim Thomas said the ADOC began addressing and implementing 58 specific opportunities as identified by the NIC.
So who is ultimately to blame for this?
As far as Rep. Allen Farley (R-McCalla) is concerned, the blame should go all the way to the top.
“I don’t think we got to this point just since Kim has been there. Anyone who thinks that is wrong. But he’s got a lot of know­ledge of a lot of things,” Farley said. “He’s been a part of the ADOC system for 20 years.”
After 11 years of rising through the ADOC ranks, Thomas was named assistant general counsel for the ADOC in 1995 until he was appointed commissioner by Bentley in 2011.
“What we are talking about is lack of supervision,” Farley added.
So far in the investigation phase by the DOJ there have been no formal criminal charges or indictments brought forward, but Farley said he would not be surprised if there are some which come following the investigation.
“I don’t think anyone would be surprised,” he said. “Any time in my 37 years in law enforcement, when there is an investigation of this magnitude by the DOJ, there could always be an indictment handed down.”

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