The Holtville defense gathers at the running back during spring practice 2012.
The Holtville defense gathers at the running back during spring practice 2012.

Adams, Bulldogs kick off 2013 season

Published 6:40pm Tuesday, April 30, 2013

After conducting spring training on the fly a year ago, Hunter Adams begins his second football season leading the Bulldogs with a tweaked game plan.


“Really I want us to establish a team identity,” said Adams. “We had a lot of seniors come in last year take a lot of the Friday-night reps. So we are going to be young in some place. There are going to be some of those young guys back that have a little more experience under their belts and I want to build on that. I want them to be able to establish their identity on the football field and as young men.”


The Bulldogs will begin spring practices Thursday afternoon.


“I’m looking for some guys that have had a tremendous offseason step in and become factors,” said Adams.


Defensively, Devin Goodwin and Will Hogan were highlighted. Jarmal Kendrick and Tekel Bozeman were mentioned on the offensive end.


“I want them to step up and be game-changing type players, but not just on the physical end,” said Adams. “Their leadership actions have to really set a precedent for us. They are cemented in their positions. But we are going to change some things and give them more opportunities to be a bigger part of the offense and the defense.”


Adams added that the changes will also bring in some of the guys who saw limited play come in and have the opportunity to shine.


“I want to bring their ability to the point where they can come in and play on Friday nights,” said Adams.


Despite the Bulldogs record a year ago, there is a buzz about the 2013 football season.


“I’m very excited about this spring. We have a very good opportunity to be a much improved football team on both sides of the ball,” he said.


The Bulldogs will practice Thursday and then return to the field for the next two weeks.


“I’m not going to do things different,” said Adams. “I’m going to be able to do it the way I wanted to do it last year with a detailed implementation plan with a group of guys who are already mentally and physically conditioned, a majority of them, already understanding the terminology. So the communication will be a lot easier. Things won’t be as foreign to them as it was last year. So I think we can transition into some newer and more advanced schematics.”


Holtville will cap the spring period with it’s annual H-Day game May 17.


Even that is going to have a different look. Instead of the typical green-white scrimmage. The Bulldogs will play host to a jamboree featuring Chilton County, Prattville Christian, Autaugaville and Talladega County Central.


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