Low Relay turnout was disappointing

Published 4:24pm Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Wetumpka community can do much better than the turnout and contributions for this year’s Relay for Life indicated.
While $56,000 is nothing to sneeze at, it is significantly lower than last year’s total of $89,000 and just above half of 2009’s record-breaking collection of more than $100,000.
In addition, there were many empty spaces where team campsites should have been set up during Relay. Only about two-thirds of the registered teams put in an appearance for the 12-hour event.
So, what happened to everyone (and their fundraising efforts)?
There’s no easy answer to that question, but it’s safe to say that the diminished participation wasn’t because of the members of the local Relay for Life committee. Those hard-working volunteers were out and about for months beforehand trying to drum up interest and persuade anyone they could to make a donation, be a sponsor, form a team or be a volunteer.
It’s even more disappointing when the financial support for Relay is compared to that for entertainment events. Certainly everyone loves a parade or a party or a concert, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And it’s commendable for local businesses and residents to support those.
But we would like to see just a little of that enthusiasm and money reserved to help with other, more serious, initiatives – for instance, Relay.
Thanks to all who did work diligently on the Relay for Life campaign. We hope others will join in promoting the cause next time.

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