Whitewater fest is set for this weekend at Moccasin Gap.
Whitewater fest is set for this weekend at Moccasin Gap.

Whitewater Fest set for this weekend.

Published 6:12pm Tuesday, May 14, 2013

At the moment, with the Coosa River flowing by at a hurried pace and the lock pretty much covered, Coosa River Whitewater Festival organizer Lonnie Carden sits in a state of “wait and see.”

“We’re still watching the river every day to see what’s going on,” said Carden. “I’m not going to make a call until Tuesday or Wednesday because all of this is coming in from North Georgia and the river is like a freight train running 24/7. It can move a lot of water.”

Carden is in charge of the 28th Coosa River Whitewater Festival scheduled for May 17-18.

“The water’s going up and down,” said Carden.

The Whitewater Festival is a fundraiser for the Coosa River Paddling Club, but it’s also a way to promote the city of Wetumpka, as thousands of paddlers were on hand for the 2012 event.

“We are going to do what we can do  to make it happen,” said Carden. “If we had a canoe race right now, as fast as the river’s flowing, we’d set some records.”

The Whitewater Festival is scheduled to have a pro kayak rodeo, where paddlers perform tricks utilizing Moccasin Gap.

There are also boat races, competitions for those in a sit-on-top and a paddle-board.

There’s also the 50-foot Big Air Ramp that has grown in popularity and for the first time in conjunction, a kayak fishing tournament is scheduled for May 19.

“If you’re not sure about registering, they can call 1-800-LAKES-11 to get a check on the river levels,” said Carden.

“We’ll have something going on, whether it be a fun float or a great party.”

The Goat Hill String Band is scheduled to play the night of the 18th from 8-11. Billy Earl McClelland and Dylan Brabham will be the 17th’s entertainment.

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