Teenagers will soon realize mom was right

Published 8:33am Thursday, May 16, 2013

Somewhere, a rule is written that your mother has absolutely no idea of what she’s talking about until you reach the age of at least 25.
I can easily remember, at the ripe old ages of 15, 18 and 21, thinking that my mother must have really enjoyed listening to herself speak nonsense. I mean, I knew everything. I was the smartest person in the room, maybe even on the planet. There was nothing left for me to learn.
Then, you turn 25 and the unspeakable happens. Suddenly, one by one, all of the things your mother told you over the years start to prove true.
Apparently, this continues to happen until the day you take your last breath.
I was not an easy teenager, and there’s something “special” about the relationship between mothers and teenage daughters.
By “special” I mean, somewhat combative. I disagreed with most everything she tried to tell me.
Today, I’m the mother of two teenagers and sometimes I have absolutely no idea of what I’m talking about either. My mother refers to this as payback and she enjoys it immensely. Perhaps a little too much.
It does boost my level of patience to think that sometime soon my teenagers will begin to realize that I did, in fact, know a little something about the ways of life.
I know my mother relied on the same extreme patience to bear with me as an all-knowing teenager.
If you’re dealing with a genius teenager or two, know that your life lessons are not in vain. Everything you’re saying and trying to teach your children is being stored way, way, way back in their brains.
It just han’t quite absorbed yet. It will slowly start to stick, but only when they are mature enough to really hear you and apply it to their everyday lives. They will hear you and your lessons throughout their adult lives. I hear my mom’s advice echo through my decisions every day.

Shannon Elliott is the general manager of the Elmore County publications of Tallapoosa Publishers. Contact her at shannon.elliott@thewetumpkaherald.com.

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