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Eclectic woman facing 180-day jail sentence

Published 9:33am Saturday, June 15, 2013

An Eclectic woman will report to the same jail she tried to help capital murder suspect Joshua Caspari escape from almost a year ago.
Brittany Penn, 21, accepted a plea bargain from the district attorney’s office of the 19th judicial circuit to enter into a misdemeanor guilty plea to obstruction of governmental operations.
Penn originally was arrested and charged with felony facilitating an escape.
Caspari contacted Penn via phone to have her go to the edge of the jail yard and relay information about the whereabouts of windows, doors and other entry ways to the jail to him, according to Elmore County investigator Troy Evans.
Penn was assisting Caspari’s sister, Jessica, to get the information to Josh Caspari, who is being charged with the February 2012 capital murder of Anna Cardwell in the Flatwood community.
Judge Ben Fuller sentenced Penn to spend 180 days in the county jail. She will report to the jail in August.
Penn’s assistance marked the second time Caspari’s sister had tried to facilitate her brother’s escape from the Elmore County Jail.
Prior to the August attempt, Jessica Caspari had paid a work-release inmate to supply her brother with bits of hacksaw blades to be used in his jail cell.
Jessica Caspari was sentenced to 28 months in jail.

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