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Scenes from the Wetumpka-hosted 7-8 year old sub-district tournament.
Scenes from the Wetumpka-hosted 7-8 year old sub-district tournament.

All-Stars hit the baseball diamond prepping for district

Published 12:45pm Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Wetumpka American and Wetumpka National (9-10 year old) will face off against each other in the opening game of District Play. Friday night at 6 at Ray Thorington Park Field 2.

Wetumpka American will face off against Wetumpka National in their first games as well at East Montgomery (behind Goodwin Junior High)  Friday night at 7:30 on Field 1.

Wetumpka Baseball All-Stars

All-Star softball photos

With the softball postseason coming to a close and the state tournament on the horizon, Wetumpka’s baseball all-stars stepped into the spotlight beginning their quest to bigger and brighter trophies.

“I think we are playing good ball right now,” said Rob Morrison, coach of the Wetumpka Minors Americans. “I’ve been pleased with the pitching. I think we could hit the ball a little better; we’ve just got to get our bats going.”

The Wetumpka American All-Stars finished second in their Sub-district and will travel to American (Ray Thorington Road in Montgomery) Friday for the first round of the District Tournament.

“Sub-District was a seeding tournament, and we want to play ball as good as we can,” said Morrison. “But we want to give experience to the players and hopefully build their confidence  up going into the district tournament.”

While the Americans know their date with the District, the National League Minors have to wait.

After a 10-9 loss to Millbrook Monday, Wetumpka faced Prattville American Tuesday.

“If we win, we get a day to practice and then we play Friday, if we lose, we play Thursday,” said Darryl Mann, coach of the Wetumpka Minors National All-Stars. “They’re not playing as well as they are capable of playing. We played good defense on the first night, but didn’t hit the ball. The second night, we hit the ball well but we made a few errors.”

The Wetumpka National squad will begin their battle for a state tournament berth  at East Montgomery (behind Goodwyn Jr. High) this weekend.

In the 7-8 year-old Pre-Minors division Wetumpka American is currently in first with a 2-1 mark and played Prattville American Tuesday night to finish off the sub-district tournament.

Wetumpka National, which rattled off 21-runs on Saturday to defeat Montgomery Metro, used a late-inning rally to upend the host American Orange team 8-3 Monday night in Montgomery.

They played Southeastern (Montgomery) Blue Tuesday night to put the finishing touches on their No. 1 seeding heading into the district tournament.

Wetumpka American (Ozone) has two games left  in the sub-district tournament before spending the weekend in Prattville for the district tournament. “They are playing excellent and focused and intent on winning,” said Brad Hackett, coach of the Ozone All-Stars. “They are focused and ready to take this thing all the way. And they have that ability, too.”

Wetumpka defeated Southeastern Blue Monday 14-4 in four innings and were set to play Prattville National Tuesday night.

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