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Council denies rezoning request

Published 2:09pm Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wetumpka City Council members Monday night upheld the January recommendation of the planning board to deny a rezoning request made by Thomas Perryman. The property owner asked that a parcel located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 231 and Canyon Road be rezoned from R-H (rural and holding) to B-2 (local business).
Perryman pointed out that the lot across Canyon Road from his property is already zoned for business use. He also said there is at least one business being operated out of a home in the 31-house subdivision.
“Is everyone being treated equally and fairly?” Perryman asked. “Others operate businesses, why should I be denied that opportunity?”
Gail Sandlin, spokesperson for the neighborhood residents said their primary concern is safety.
“Traffic travels at a high rate of speed on 231 and there isn’t a deceleration lane north bound,” she said. “We’re very concerned if there’s a business there it will get much worse.
“Also Canyon Road is the only way in and out. We’re afraid a business would bring undesirable traffic into our neighborhood and cause people to go in to see what’s back there.”
Perryman said the Department of Transportation would require a turn lane be installed should a business be opened on the property as well as access to the parcel

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