County happy to be left off list

Published 2:15pm Saturday, June 22, 2013

Not a single Elmore County school was on the list of “failing schools” where parents are eligible for tax credits to fund a better education elsewhere under 2013’s Alabama Accountability Act.
Seventy-eight schools are on the list as “failing,” which was released Tuesday by State Schools Superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice. They include a number in the Montgomery area. Middle schools dominate the list as do schools in urban or low-income areas.
While Elmore County Schools Superintendent has opposed the legislation, which replaced a popular “flexibility measure” during a late-night conference committee, he was still pleased that none of his campuses made the list.
“I am so proud that none of our schools are on the list,” he said Friday. “This is a testament once again to the tireless work dedicated to the success of our students that occurs every day on our school campuses.”
Eight schools in the Montgomery County School System, including Brewbaker Middle, Floyd Elementary and others, were rated as failing.
The Acountability Act could make it possible for students at those schools to seek admission at a private school or non-failing school nearby. The local school board passed a resolution asking the bill be changed to prevent Elmore County from facing a deluge of Montgomery students, but no such action was ever taken.
Langham called the Accountability Act “ill-conceived,” and predicted it would “most likely implode due to legal challenges, confusion over the tax credits, and limited opportunitites for transfers.”
State Sen. Bryan Taylor (R-Prattville) voted in favor of the bill, along with the other five lawmakers representing Elmore County. He said he was proud of his support of the bill, which will give parents more power to hold schools accountable, especially if the school is failing in its chief task of educating children.

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