WEBECHS2RawlsWhile football’s official start is still weeks away, Elmore County High, and schools across the state, have opened their weight room doors beginning the conditioning process.

Panthers begin building football foundation

Published 5:05pm Saturday, June 22, 2013

“A lot of research says it takes eight weeks to be in shape,” said Norman Dean, coach of the Panthers. “We want to be in shape Aug. 1 (when practice officially starts) not July 1. Every Monday, we’ll go out and run 16 ‘110s’ (sprints). It’s tough. But I tell the kids when August gets here it should be tough. We are building a base.”

The Panthers work out three days a week and in those days, Dean says he’s averaging around 40 guys in the morning and a handful in the afternoon.

“At most we’ve had 50 guys in the morning,” said Dean. “The 6-8 that have to come in the afternoon have jobs during the day. But you have kids doing AAU, and summer baseball.”

Dean said the goal is for Panthers to make 27 workouts.

“We’d like for them to at least make 20 or more,” said Dean. “Some kids are going to do that and some kids are going to make less. We are trying to do enough, but not too much.”

Once July rolls around Dean and the Panthers will add a pair of 7-on-7 camps to their regime. Elmore County will compete in camps at Faulkner (July 11) and Huntington (later in the month).

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