Anyone can learn to help in a disaster

Published 3:32pm Sunday, June 30, 2013

When strong storms like we saw yesterday roar through an area, they often leave damage that can stymie the efforts of first responders.
Paramedics and fire personnel are severely limited without their vehicles, and those ambulances and trucks need clear road to get to the places they’re needed.
That’s why in the past few years the Elmore County Emergency Management Agency has promoted the Community Emergency Responder Training program. CERT classes teach everyday citizens how to contribute in their communities after the unthinkable happens.
Class members learn first-aid skills, basic fire-control techniques and even the proper way to protect a storm-stricken family’s possessions with a well-placed tarp on the roof. And for the days and weeks of recovery once the dust has settled, CERT trainees learn how they can best aid the professionals to help their communities get back on their feet.
No prior public safety training is required.
When things get bad, you might be the only one around who can help a neighbor. We should all want to make sure we’re up to the task.
For more information on the CERT program, call the EMA office at 334-567-6451 or email

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