Dancer dashes, injures partiers

Published 10:14am Friday, July 12, 2013

Eclectic police responded Saturday night to reports of a hit and run on Harden Court.
What officers found was quite a bit more complicated.
According to EPD reports, the address in question was the scene of a bachelorette party earlier that evening. They had ordered an exotic dancer from a company in Birmingham and paid $200 for an hour of entertainment.
The gentleman entertainer got lost on the way, and when he arrived, he was “not the gentleman they had ordered from the website,” according to the incident narative.
The report did not specify the bridal party-to-be’s preferred entertainer.
He was paid the money, however, and the 5-foot-9 bespectacled, short-haired, light-skin black male began his performance.
But 15 minutes in, he took a break.
The bachelorettes, identified only as witnesses No. 1 and 2 in the incident report, dialed 911 when they noticed the dancer strut to his Toyota and crank the engine.
The ladies tried to stop him, or to at least retrieve their money after the premature departure.
“The suspect spun out of the roadway, narrowly missing several parked cars and drug both victims, causing minor injuries,” according to the incident report.
The dancer was last seen headed north on Alabama Highway 63.
The ladies were treated by Eclectic EMS, but refused transport to a hospital.
No warrants were signed in relation to the incident, which officers classified as reckless endangerment.
Police Chief Gordon Ledbetter said the issue of full payment for just one fourth of the full monty would be a civil matter that could not be pursued by police.
“There’s probably nothing that can be done on it, because it’s a breach of contract issue,” he said. “Nothing criminal.”

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