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You might have an addiction to reading if …

Published 10:25am Monday, July 15, 2013

I recently decided I would cull books from the multitude I have on shelves throughout my house. I’m not going to admit just how many that is, but I could probably give a used book store a run for its money.
A major reason I am undertaking this gargantuan task is because I have a box or two of newer volumes I want to shelve. This despite the fact I truly don’t purchase many books anymore.
My criteria for divesting myself of books is pretty simple. If I haven’t re-read a book in the past 10 or so years – and have no intention of reading it again – it goes in the “find a new home for it” pile.
Unfortunately, I’ve yet to determine where they will ultimately go. I really want the books to be read again by someone. The thought of books going into a recycling bin literally makes me cringe.
Anyway, the project made me begin wondering if there is a truly descriptive word for people like me who are addicted to books and reading. After searching a bit I discovered there’s really nothing that conveys it – all I came up with was the usual … bibliophile, bookworm, etc.
I did find some entertaining (and true) commentary on a variety of websites. Here are a few favorites (and a couple of my own) in the “You might be a book addict if …” sweepstakes:
•You always have at least one book with you at all times. There might be time to read a paragraph while in the drive-thru line or when you’re stopped at a traffic light.
•You have books in every room (and closet) in your house.
•All your friends and family give you book store gift cards for special occasions – because there’s nothing else you really want most of the time.
•You name your pets (or children) after characters in your favorite books.
•You search out book stores in places where you are vacationing.
•You can’t identify characters in TV series or movies, or name recording artists, but you have significant knowledge of characters in books.
•Visitors to your home comment on the number of books/bookshelves and ask in amazement: “Have you read all of these?”
•Your books outnumber your other belongings.
•You can’t leave home until you finish the last few pages of the book you’re reading.
•You read a book as quickly as you can to “find out what happens,” then you’re sad when you’ve finished it.
•You have to make several extra trips just for your books when you move from one house to another.
•You stay up all night reading and forget to go to bed.
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Peggy Blackburn is managing editor of The Wetumpka Her­ald and Elmore County Weekend. She can be reached at 334-567-7811. Her email address is

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