County to move on road projects

Published 9:18am Thursday, July 25, 2013

Elmore County engineer Richie Beyer knows there are some roads located throughout the rural neighborhoods of Elmore County which are in dire need of preservation.
The roads are already beginning to show some wear and tear, but not to the point they are about to disintegrate.
So the Elmore County Commission and Beyer joined forces with the Alabama Department of Transportation during the commission’s meeting to move forward through to Phase II of DOT’s plan to resurface hundreds of miles of roads.
This time Elmore County will become the first county in the state to forego resurfacing more than 37 miles of the county’s roads and go with a far cheaper technique with the hopes of extending the life of these roads by almost 10 years.
The Elmore County engineer shared a list of 10 roads with the Herald on Monday which will be scheduled for micro surfacing, which is the equivalent to putting sealer on untreated wood.
“This is indeed preventative medicine for county roads,” Beyer said. “We didn’t pick the worst roads out there we picked those which would be the best candidates to give an extra 10 years of life.”
More than 14 miles of Rifle Range Road from the Tallassee city limits to Rock Springs Road and from Redland Road to Chubbehatchee Creek will be micro surfaced.
Also on the list was 3.4 miles of Central Road from Alabama Highway 9 to Alabama Highway 63
•4.2 miles of Jasmine Hill Road
•1.96 miles of Willow Springs Road
•1.63 miles of Cobbs Ford Road from Interstate 65 to Alabama Highway 143 in Millbrook
•2.12 miles of Tram Road
•3.87 miles of Chana Creek Road from the Eclectic town limits to Alabama Highway 229
•3.93 miles of Williams Road and 1.76 miles of Old Prattville Highway.
“By micro paving these roads, it will save the county half it would normally cost to totally resurface these roads,” Beyer said.
In further action by the county commission, it approved a motion to allocate $5,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of the River Region (Wetumpka Unit).
•Approved a motion to authorize the revenue commissioner to advertise and hire an appraiser.
•Approved a motion authorizing the E-Ring contracts and authorize County Commission Chairman Joe Faulk to execute on recommendation of County Attorney Patrick Pinkston.
•Approved the fiscal year 2011 Emergency Operations Center Grant, which is a cooperative agreement to allow Faulk to execute.
•Approved the proposed modification to the Appeals Board composition under Elmore County’s Personnel Policies and Procedures manual.
•Approved Faulk to execute the Planning Jurisdiction Agreement with the City of Millbrook.
•Approved a motion for the county to serve as grant authorizing entity for the Seman Volunteer Fire Department for a Rural Cooperative Development Grant to help purchase a fire engine costing approximately $130,000.
The commission also heard remarks from Probate Judge John Enslen to create an elections specialist position to serve the county under the supervision of the probate judge. The commission unanimously agreed to table the item until next month.
The commission will have just one meeting during the month of August with its work session scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. Aug. 12.

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