Area football teams put on full gear for the first time Thursday.
Area football teams put on full gear for the first time Thursday.

Crash Courses: Teams collide in padded practices

Published 5:45am Saturday, August 10, 2013

After three days of controlled aggression, teams across the state were allowed to wreak a little havoc in full gear Thursday.
“The first day of practice was great,” said Hunter Adams, coach of the Holtville Bulldogs. “The effort and concentration was really good. Then we kind of dropped off on the second day. I’m really hoping we can come back (Friday) with some new energy.”
Sam Peak, while only the coach for a season, took his PCA Panthers out of Prattville to Camp Chandler, but not before a little crash practice Thursday morning.
“I thought we looked good Thursday,” said Peak. “We dealt with the heat and then the rain cooled things off and we played in the mud. We’re going 11-on-11 (Friday). Camp Chandler is great.
It’s allowing our kids to bond and to buy into what the coaches are trying to do. It’s a great way to start the season.”
In Millbrook, weather has hampered the Mustangs from running onto the field, but hasn’t touched their work ethic.
“I thought the first could of days have been good,” said Stanhope Elmore coach Jeff Foshee. “We’ve been full speed and they’ve responded well.”

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