Elmore County students will return to campus Monday

Published 2:11pm Saturday, August 17, 2013

A new year begins Monday for Elmore County public school students. Traffic will be heavier and the big yellow buses will be rolling – especially during early morning and mid­afternoon – as summer vacation comes to a close and nearly 11,000 students return to campus.
“With the anticipation of students arriving on Aug. 19, this year has gotten off to a terrific start,” said Dr. Jeff Langham, Elmore County Superintendent of Education. “Our local campuses have been a flurry of activity and there has been such a positive buzz in the air. The 2013-2014 school year is already promising to be one of our best years ever here in the district.”
Redland Elementary teacher Leslie Mattox said she is excited that school is about to resume.
“The new year is a great time for teachers,” she said. “Not many professions allow you to work with people who come in every morning with smiles on their faces and share your excitement for all of the possibilities the day may bring.”
Wetumpka High English teacher Teri Thompson is also eager for classes to start.
“Each school year brings new challenges, but it brings opportunities as well,” she said. “I can think of nothing better than spending time providing children with the tools they need to be successful in life.
“While I have spent the last 29 years teaching my students, I am certain I have learned so much more than I have taught. Teachers hope to have a positive influence on their students, but most people don’t realize the impact students have on teachers. They walk into our classrooms and into our lives forever. Teaching isn’t a job; it isn’t a profession; it’s who we are. I love it and can’t imagine my life without all my children.”
Students in first through 12th grades will report Monday for the entire day. Kindergartners at Elmore County public schools will again begin their education gradually.
One-third of students in each class will report Monday, one-third Tuesday and one-third Wednesday. The classes will meet in their entirety for the first time Thursday.
The staggered start system for kindergarten students has been in place in the county for the past nine years, and is designed to allow teachers to spend ample time with each student and parent.

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