New beginnings offer opportunity for growth

Published 10:04am Monday, September 2, 2013

By Rev. Kevin Kelly
We are living in a time of new beginnings. A new school year began two weeks ago. Parents adjusted their lives and routines to accommodate for the change. Children were sent to bed earlier, alarm clocks set to chime a little earlier and lunch boxes packed a little earlier.
Perhaps, the “newness” in your life is due to something other than school. Maybe you are starting a new job, moving into a new home or enjoying a new relationship. New beginnings bring added and sometimes welcomed excitement into our lives.
These are not the only new beginnings that bring great excitement. I am a huge football fan. A new season is rapidly approaching. I can hardly wait!
I am the type of fan who can sit down, watch a game between two teams that I know nothing about and enjoy the entire event. My wife declares – and rightly so – this is not normal.
The enthusiasm generated by football is amazing. Our country eagerly anticipates this time of year. Each day we listen to sports radio broadcasts to discover just how many days are left until kickoff. New hopes, new dreams, new beginnings – life would not be the same without them occurring from time to time.
As this time of the year ushers in new beginnings, I would like for you to take a deeper look into your life. What old things need to pass away and give room for new beginnings and growth in your life? What bad habits, attitudes, and struggles need to give way to a new way of living? Just like in football, our lives go through different seasons. Whether good or bad, a new season brings new hope, dreams and aspirations.
Take time over the coming days to explore areas in your life that would benefit from needed changes. Don’t try to do everything at once. Making necessary changes takes time. Don’t try to do everything in a day.
The messiness in our lives does not originate in a day. Things happen and decisions are made that add up to serious issues when not dealt with properly. Think of one change you can make in the coming week – attitude, habit, work ethic, etc. – and enjoy the newness that results from the change.
Maybe you have tried before and failed. Try again! This is a new season and a new beginning. Go for it!

The Rev. Kevin Kelly is senior minister at First United Methodist Church in Wetumpka.

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