Survey says … Our publications are tops

Published 11:00am Thursday, September 12, 2013

We recently surveyed Elmore County residents to get an idea of how many Elmore County residents actually reach for our publications every week.
We felt like we had a pretty good idea but really wanted an accurate measure. We used this survey to compare ourselves to other media outlets in the area as well as compare our print products to our own digital products.
What the survey returned was rather interesting. More than 58 percent of Elmore County residents reach for our publications for local news and to make decisions when buying or planning to purchase a product. That’s huge!
To put this in perspective, according to the U.S. Humane Society, 46 percent of households own a dog. That means that more people in Elmore County reach for our products than own a dog! This percentage was higher than any other media outlet in the area – even the “big boys” down the road.
This is tremendous news for our advertisers. Our advertisers consistently report a positive response to advertising in our products. We greatly appreciate our readers supporting businesses that support the local newspaper.
This is also tremendous news for our reporters and editorial staff that spend many hours per week covering events so that we can keep the community informed of what’s going on just beyond our front doors.
We are very proud of the survey results. I thought this presented a great opportunity to thank our readers and our advertisers for their continued support. We appreciate it and will continue to provide the information and news that you want and need while also looking for ways to make a great thing even better!

Shannon Elliott is general manager of the Elmore County newspapers of Tallapoosa Publishers Inc. Contact her at 334-567-7811.

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