Eagles flip script, start season 4-0

Published 5:04pm Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This season has gone a bit differently than last year did for the Victory Baptist Eagles football team.
In 2012, the Eagles won just one game and when they lost, were losing by 50, 60 points.

Victory Baptist defensive back Benton Dunklin intercepts a pass during practice. Photo by Cory Diaz
Victory Baptist defensive back Benton Dunklin intercepts a pass during practice. Photo by Cory Diaz

But in 2013 thus far, VBS and first year coach Jim Hardy have flipped the script on their Alabama Christian Education Athletic Association (ACEAA) opponents, winning their first three ballgames–minus one forfeit–by an average of 50 points.
Hardy said the difference in the two seasons has been the 12 guys have grasped the team concept.
“I think its the aspect of playing as a team first,” the coach said. “It’s about allowing the guy next to them to do their job and worrying about their own job. They realize what they need to do as a group and not as individuals.”
The Eagles two seniors, Will Byrd and Jarrell Frazier, said Hardy, bought in to the his philosophy and have led their team to its 4-0 start.
“They’ve both been really important, senior leaders. They are showing the other guys what it is to play as a team instead of individuals. I think their attributes off the field are coming together and showing out on the field as well.”
VBS, who is currently leading the ACEAA standings, is mathematically one win away from securing one of the four playoff spots. To clinch a berth this Friday, the Eagles will have to beat current, second-place team Conecuh Springs at home.
“Everybody they’ve played, they’ve beat up on pretty good,” So, we’ll find out what we’re made of.”
Hardy said the rest of the season is unpredictable, but if his team continues to work together, they’ll put themselves in the best position possible.
“We work together as a team. You never know where you’ll go from here, we could lose the rest of them, but if they play together as a team, they’ll have shot a winning all of them.”
VBS hosts Conecuh Springs Friday.

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