Steven Norman Conrad Jr.
Steven Norman Conrad Jr.

Tallassee man faces 105 counts on sex-related charges

Published 9:05am Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Tallassee couple is facing more than 100 counts of sodomy, sex abuse and rape charges following their indictment by an Elmore County grand jury.

Stephen Norman Conrad Jr., 30, of Tallassee was indicted by the grand jury on 105 counts, while his wife, Brandy Jean Conrad, 26, was indicted on counts of sodomy and sex abuse.

The case stems from the alleged abuse of at least eight minors younger than 12 years of age during an 11-year period.

Tallassee Police Chief Jimmy Rodgers said the investigation into the allegations began in late April.

The two were arrested in May.

“Anytime you deal with a case involving children and sex, it’s always difficult,” said Randall Houston, district attorney for the 19th judicial circuit. “…This is one where this guy, who is a predator, shouldn’t prey on children ever again and that’s our goal.”

Among some of the alleged victims are the Conrads’ own children, while others are those of women whom Conrad previously dated, according to Rodgers.

The ages of the children involved in the sex abuse were 3 months to 12 years old, according to deputy assistant district attorney C.J. Robinson.

Rodgers said Conrad did confess to the crimes.

Stephen Norman Conrad Jr. is currently being held in the Elmore County on a $5.4 million bond.

His wife was held over on a bond much less in value, but Houston said it is his hope she will also pay for her alleged crimes.

“Her involvement was as a secondary player. She failed to take actions as a parent,” he said. “While she may have allowed it to happen, she could have also stopped it.”

The couple’s arraignment is set for Oct. 21.

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