Indians ‘rally together’ in wake of tough loss

Published 10:39am Thursday, October 10, 2013

“One of the positives you hope to gain from a game like Friday night is that I thought our guys really did rally together,” Wetumpka head coach Tim Perry said about his team in the aftermath of the tough, 41-38 double-overtime loss to region foe Pelham.
A lot can be learned from hard-swallowed losses. The strength of the team’s fortitude and their togetherness in the heat of battle is only properly measured during and after defeats, especially ones where victory was in the team’s hands.
Even in the loss, Perry liked the response of his Indians (2-4, 1-4) and looks for them to be closer than before.
“Anytime there’s a loss, it’s hard because you put so much of yourself into it,” he said. “All losses are difficult. But I was very proud of our team Friday night. Of their effort, of their unity, of their passion that was exhibited during the game. I felt like we reached levels of all those characteristics that we have not reached yet this year.”
Experiences throughout a season sculpt a team’s character. For Wetumpka, those more evident characteristics will be building points for them heading into the final stretch of the year.
“From every game, a win or loss, we analyze it and correct the errors and mistakes, but also you want to build on the positives,” said Perry. “There were a lot of positives Friday night that we are building on. All you can do as a coach is ask our team when they step on the field to play as intensely, emotionally and as passionately as you can. I thought our guys did that Friday night. There were some good things, even in a loss.
“There was a tremendous amount of positive leadership within the team, a little bit more than what we’ve had the last couple of weeks. So you hope that trend continues and that your players learn from that.”
The Tribe can’t afford to look backwards, but can benefit from past outcomes in any particular situation. And as Region 4 opponent Chelsea (2-4, 0-4) visits Friday, the results from this season’s experiences, Perry said, will shape Wetumpka’s performance.
“To be a mature team, and that’s what we keep striving for, we want to learn from our experiences. Clean up the mistakes so we’re not repeating them. Learn from those experiences, take those positives, don’t look back, look forward and get ready for this region game.”
Six games in with its new coaching staff, the Hornets are much improved from the team the Indians beat by 27 last season, Perry said.

Wetumpka center Christian Williams tries to protect his quarterback Sammy Britton during the Pelham game. Photo by Anthony Watson
Wetumpka center Christian Williams tries to protect his quarterback Sammy Britton during the Pelham game. Photo by Anthony Watson

“They are executing their offense extremely well. They changed their defensive scheme from an odd front to an even front. They’re playing much more confidently. We’ve communicated to our team that this is not the same Chelsea team we played last year. This is a much improved Chelsea team and so we’ve got to bring our best efforts Friday night.”
The last couple of weeks, Wetumpka has been careless with the football, so the team’s best effort will be to eliminate those miscues.
“I think the thing we need to do is continue to eliminate the mistakes that are holding us back,” he said. “We have to cut back on the penalties. We have to keep emphasizing ball security. Beginning of the season, that was something we were doing a good job of and the last couple of weeks, we’ve turned the ball over more than what we did earlier in the year. Offensively, we need to put together long sustaining drives. We were able to do that Friday night. Defensively, we have to keep working on not giving up big plays. We have been very consistent. Friday night was the most points we had given up, and several of those came off of big plays.”
The Indians and Hornets kickoff at 7:00 p.m. Friday at Hohenberg Stadium.

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