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FAA rules for city in complaint

Published 4:15pm Sunday, October 13, 2013

This week the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rendered a judgment that the City of Wetumpka is not in violation of any federal obligations at the Wetumpka Municipal Airport. The ruling culminates nearly six years of dispute between the city and the tenants of four hangars at the airport.
McDonough Properties, managed by David Ramsey, M&R Holdings, managed by Roger Kemp, Tri-D, owned by Theresa Harvey and managed by her husband Richard Chaput and Col. Frank Barnett joined forces in filing the formal complaint against the city on Aug. 29, 2012.
The complainants said the city is failing to provide a long-term rental lease under the stipulations of a FAA grant assurance. The complaint also accused the city of not doing what it can to make it a viable, working airport under the stipulations of another FAA grant assurance.
In November 2012, attorneys on both sides of the issue responded and rebutted allegations made by their opposite numbers. Now after nearly a year of investigation and fact-finding, the FFA rendered its decision.
“The FAA’s decision in this matter is based on applicable Federal law and FAA policy, review of the pleadings and supporting documentation submitted by the parties and reviewed by the FAA,” according to the director’s determination for Docket No. 16-12-11.
The Wetumpka Municipal Airport is a 312-acre facility. It has 82-based aircraft with 108 average daily aircraft operations. The hangar facilities include five T-hangars consisting of approximately 50 units, 10 enclosed hangars, eight open hangars and nine larger corporate/business hangars.
The airport had 39,400 operations for the 12-month period ending November 2012. It has two runways including a paved runway approximately 3,000 feet long and a turf runway approximately 2,800 feet long.

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