Wetumpka High junior and AYSO player Ashton Ziglar build benches for the soccer fields to earn the level of Eagle Scout. Photos by Cory Diaz

Eagle Scout build AYSO benches

Published 3:03pm Monday, October 21, 2013


Five years of ant bites was enough for Ashton Ziglar and his friends.
This Summer, the 16-year-old rising junior at Wetumpka High School brainstormed different community projects he could do to achieve Eagle Scout status. Being a member of the American Youth Soccer Organization in Wetumpka for five years, overlapping with the seven years of service in the Boy Scouts, Ziglar came up with the perfect, most relieving idea.
He could build benches for the AYSO soccer fields.
“They’ve never had benches before,” he said. “All they had was bleachers and the kids just sat on the grass all day with the ants.”
The project for Ziglar was a no-brainer. He could help out his friends and teammates and achieve his Eagle Scout. He loves soccer and helping out others and hates ants.

Ashton Ziglar
Ashton Ziglar

“It was pretty big,” said Ziglar of the importance of incorporating soccer in the project. “It wasn’t as hard as people think it was, it was just doing it. I love soccer and I like helping people, so I just put them both together.”
The process of cutting the wood, staining it and assembling the benches spanned four months and 222 hours. Ziglar didn’t do all the work himself, his dad and a few Boy Scout friends assisted him in his endeavor.
To Ziglar, that’s why he joined the Boy Scouts in the first place: to help the community and others. And he wanted to help the AYSO because the program helps him and others with the game they all love.
“AYSO helps people a lot in soccer to get your basics down and get your skills and to know if you really like to play soccer,” said Ziglar.
“It’s mostly a lot of people out here that like to help each other out. That’s where most of the fun comes from, playing with a bunch of good people.”
Although he has fulfilled all his requirements for the Boy Scouts, Ziglar said he is not done helping out the Wetumpka community and his friends. His immediate plan is to assist other scouts working on their Eagle Scout projects, just like how they assisted him.
“A couple of my friends are getting ready to do their Eagles, so I’ll be helping them out to do theirs.”

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