Glynn shares UK’s soccer passion with AYSO

Published 11:02am Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The passion for the game you love can take you a long way.
For Steven Glynn, it’s taken him over 4,000 miles away from home to Wetumpka, Ala.
As a member of the United Kingdom International Soccer Camps, who is a partner with the American Youth Soccer Organization, the 22-year-old from Edinburgh, Scotland has spent this Summer in the Southeast, teaching players and coaches varying techniques and strategies.

Steven Glynn instructs kids during drills Saturday. Photo by Cory Diaz
Steven Glynn instructs kids during drills Saturday. Photo by Cory Diaz

“I started in July and I’ve done Summer camps until the third week in August,” Glynn said. “I was in Mississippi.”
Since then, he’s resided in Wetumpka, helping the local AYSO region coaches and players as his wraps up his first year instructing as part of UK International Soccer. But Glynn has learned that soccer is only part of the experience.
“It’s been good, it’s been very good. It’s good to get to stay with families as well. So, instead of just coming and staying in a hotel, you get to experience sleeping on a couch, which is good,” he laughed.
“You see different food, different television, things like that. I saw a gun for the first time, which was crazy. Just different stuff like that, it’s been fun.”
Another pleasant surprise for Glynn has been the response from the Wetumpka AYSO community.
“I think the accent helps. The accent gets a little bit of respect,” he said. “The kids in the South are very respectful. I’ve really been impressed with their manners and politeness and overall respect, which is good. But they’re always enthusiastic, they’re always wanting to listen and learn, which is really good to see. I can just stay back and come and help out the coaches and the players.”
Progression of the kids over this Summer has been one of the biggest rewards for Glynn. Growing interest in soccer has also been encouraging for him, who began playing the game at age 5.
“I mean, every region can always progress,” Glynn said of the 10-year-old Wetumpka AYSO region. “This one’s starting to look at plans for new fields. I mean, the complex they got in mind is really good. It’s always going to be compared to football and baseball. Over here, you’ve got a lot of different choices, but I think soccer can stand out and try to grow and that’s a good thing.”
Glynn began his last week in Wetumpka Monday. By the end of the week, he’ll be back home and back to sleeping in his own bed. One thing he hopes sticks with the kids from his time with him is the passion for playing soccer.
“Hopefully, just the passion for the game, the love of the game. Hopefully, they keep playing soccer, they keep enjoying soccer. They keep practicing at home, as well as coming to practice. Hopefully, I can give them the passion and the love that I have for playing soccer.”

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