Halloween has always been fun for us

Published 10:32am Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I miss Halloween with my kids. My kids are older than 12 years old and have been for some time.

I actually miss the days of rushing home from work to get them ready to trick-or-treat in costumes that I helped pick out. I dressed my son in the cutest spider costume one year and my daughter was always dressed as a princess or a fairy of some sort.

Those were the days before my son decided he needed to dress as something “cooler” than a cutesy spider.

My husband’s parents live in THE trick-or-treat hot spot of the area. The entire family would gather there. My husband and his brothers would sometimes dress up and decorate the yard in attempts to horrify innocent children. It has always been a fun holiday for us.

Of course now the kids are older. There are no costumes. They don’t trick-or-treat.

I think that’s why I enjoy Wetumpka’s Candy Walk so much. I get to experience the fun and excitement again. I enjoy seeing all of the kids in their costumes and let’s be honest, there is nothing better than a baby dressed as a pumpkin or a pea pod!

My husband and I will probably venture over to my in-laws again this year just to enjoy seeing all of the kids and to socialize with all the parents.

I hope that everyone has a safe and exciting Halloween. Be careful out there and drive extra safely on Oct. 31. There will be precious little goblins, ghosts and cutesy spiders everywhere.


Shannon Elliott is general manager of the Elmore County newspapers of Tallapoosa Publishers Inc. Contact her at 334-567-7811. 

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