True heroes walk among us

Published 10:25am Thursday, December 12, 2013

It’s easy to take people and personalities for granted. We walk every single day among people who are true heroes.

They weather storms without the rest of us ever knowing anything is going on. They wouldn’t want us to know. They don’t want the credit. They don’t want the limelight. They don’t believe they are doing anything extraordinary anyway.

My heart and soul have been touched by a person who is just as I’ve described. I won’t recognize him here. Like I mentioned before, he wouldn’t want that. He will likely read this column and have no idea that I’m referring to him. Qualities like that are most incredible to me.

Maybe it comes from working in the media. Most people love the limelight. They love to be recognized and they love the attention that comes with a promotion, a good deed or scoring the winning touchdown. I do.

This person is truly facing enormous challenges. He battles emotion every day that I can’t fathom. He wakes every morning and finds a way to serve his fellow man.

He puts his own problems, issues and heavy concerns aside because they are just that – his. He wouldn’t dream of bothering others or think twice about possibly imposing his world on your’s.

He does, however, wonder and dream how he can make your’s better. He carries himself with grace, dignity and most importantly, integrity.

This person has helped me tremendously over the past year and my “problems” are so much smaller than his own. He had so many other things to worry about but never flinched and never faltered in doing what he felt was right or good.

I know that this person feels led to do tremendous things. I can’t answer for him but I believe he feels led through a strong faith. I believe he pulls all that strength from the same faith. I know he wouldn’t take credit on his own.

I’m so very thankful for the circumstances that led to our paths crossing. Although we see each other rarely, I would consider him my friend and one of the truest.

Thank you for being a tremendous example to me. As I get older, I know that I will continue to grow each and every day. Becoming an adult doesn’t stop the growth and doesn’t mean that we can’t all become a better person in the next moment. You taught me that and I thank you.


Shannon Elliott is general manager of the Elmore County newspapers of Tallapoosa Publishers Inc. Contact her at 334-567-7811. 

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