The Elmore County Board of Education approved the new school calendar in which the students’ year has been cut to 173 instruction days. File photo
The Elmore County Board of Education approved the new school calendar in which the students’ year has been cut to 173 instruction days. File photo

School year cut by seven days

Published 11:05am Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Elmore County public school students will get a break from the typical 180 instruction days to which they have become accustomed.

The Elmore County Board of Education approved next school year’s calendar, which includes seven fewer instruction days for the students in an effort to withstand potential budget cuts from the state level.

The 2014 school year will begin Aug. 4 with the last day of school scheduled for May 21. While it may seem the school year is the same, the board has reincorporated a fall break for students in October.

Students will be out of school Oct. 6-10, while the teachers will have to report Oct. 6-7.

The students will also have a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday (Nov. 24-28), and two week for Christmas. Students’ last class day before the holiday will be Dec. 18. The students will return to class Jan. 6.

The AEA holiday is scheduled for March 20-27 for students. Teachers will have to report for duty on March 20, but not the students.

“We have other school systems who have asked for our 173-day template to use where they are,” Elmore County Superintendent Dr. Jeff Langham told the board during Monday’s scheduled meeting.

In addition to looking ahead to next school year, the board will do so with a new member.

District 1 board member Robert Lusk announced he will resign his post at the end of the calendar year.

Board Chairman Larry Teel said the board vacancy will be advertised and filled by vote of the existing board members.

Lusk served on the board for five years.

“This is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” Lusk said.

In other action by the board, it accepted the low bid by Transportation South of Pelham to purchase nine 84-passenger school buses at a total cost of $791,964.

The board also entered into a 99-year sewage system agreement with the Town of Eclectic for the schools within the town limits. The agreement is for the board to surrender 4 acres of land to the town with the town agreeing to a 99-year set sewage rate of $250 per year.

The board also accepted the recommendation by Langham to expel to students beginning Dec. 13 through Jan. 6, 2015. One of the students was expelled for bringing weapons to school, while in a separate matter another was making “life threats” toward the school he was attending.

The next scheduled board of education meeting will be held Jan. 21 at 5:30 p.m.

  • Cameron Guy

    AUGUST 4th are you serious!? My cornerstone of my summer plans ran from August 1st-4th now that’s all down the drain!! Are you crazy, August 4th, just like all officials, inconsiderate of the people you rule

  • Grace

    Why so early? Poor children who has to ride the bus early August. My kids rode the bus from WES to WHS and they complained how hot it was! My husband and I decided to just pick them up until the heat was bearable for them. But some children have no choice.

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