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‘Computer Cop’ coming to Elmore County

Published 5:30am Thursday, December 26, 2013

Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin may have found some preventative maintenance to stave away online pedophiles, bullying, drugs and possible gang activity.

Franklin told the Herald Monday he has been in talks with a New York security initiative “Computer Cop,” which allows parents to monitor what their child has been seeing or reading on their computer.

Franklin said his department is going to purchase 1,000 discs to start with to be distributed to families with children in grades 6-8.

“The Internet is a valuable resource for connecting us with information and people around the world, but these online pedophiles  and bullies pose a threat to our children,” he said. “Running this software will be a proactive step toward protecting our children from being victimized.”

Franklin said he hopes to have the software in by the end of January or the first part of February.

“We will contact the county’s schools when we receive them,” he said.

Franklin said parents of children in grades 6-8 can also come by the sheriff’s office to pick up a free disc once they are available.

Franklin said he hopes to have the software available to parents of younger and older children at a later date.

The money used to purchase the software is coming from the drug asset forfeiture monies from prior arrests, Franklin said.

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