PACs pack financial punch

Published 1:52pm Sunday, December 29, 2013

Political Action Committees and not local backers are the driving forces to the campaigns for the House District 31 seat.

Runoff candidates Mike Holmes and Jimmy Collier have equally been the recipients of glad tidings from PACs, according to financial documents filed with the state Secretary of State’s Office.

Holmes’ campaign has raised almost $38,000 with at least half of that coming in the form of PAC contributions.

The two key contributors to Holmes are the Forestry PAC and the Alabama Farmers Federation PAC.

The Forestry PAC has been Holmes’ tallest oak, donating more than $18,000 to the campaign before the Dec. 3 primary.

On the other side of the ticket, Collier is being backed by the automobile dealers PAC with $5,500 in donations before the primary.

Collier also is more than $10,000 shy of Holmes in contributions so far. That number actually would be $20,000 shy of the Holmes mark if it were not for the $10,000 loan Collier has made for his campaign.

On the expenditures side of the balance sheet, the two Republicans seem to be neck and neck in terms of spending.

Both campaigns’ largest expenditure leading up to the December primary was to acquire the services of campaign managers.

Collier has spent almost $8,000 for the services of Concentric Direct of Atlanta.

In a Web search of Concentric Direct and their “projects” in Alabama, when the Herald clicked on the State of Alabama it noted, “because Concentric founder John Pudner runs political and other efforts for the Alabama Farmers Federation, Alabama is the only state in which Concentric Direct does not accept projects.”

The Farmers Federation PAC has donated $6,500 to Holmes’ campaign and nothing to Collier’s, according to financial documents as of the end of November.

Holmes has spent more than $8,500 with Red State Strategies to assist with his campaign.

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