Time is flying past

Published 1:53pm Sunday, December 29, 2013

The older you get, the faster the years seem to rush past. I’m not sure how that phenomenon works exactly, but without a doubt it is what happens. My younger friends probably don’t believe it, but they will find out first hand.

Anyway, another year is almost at an end. It seems like 2013 began only a few weeks ago. It’s starting to get just a little scary how quickly time is – in the words of an old song – “slip-slidin’ away.”

A new year brings different things for different people. Some favor making resolutions – and I actually know some folks who do pretty well at keeping them.

Then there are others who simply start doing, whether it’s cleaning house, exercising or whatever.

My own favorite mental gymnastics around the New Year is making wishes for people I know and care about. I guess that’s a little like hoping to win the lottery, but it gives me a nice, positive feeling anyway.

There are a few kind of traditional projects we engage in around the newspaper office this time of year. One is a “year in review” roundup of our stories throughout the past 12 months. We always seem to find ourselves remarking “I’d forgotten about that” at some point.

Another, much smaller undertaking I typically knock out is an overview of all the objects various communities across the U.S. drop or raise on New Year’s Eve. (You’ll find that on Page 12 of this issue.)

Some of the new ones I discovered will be dropped for the first time this year include a 3-foot wooden flea in Eastover, N.C. and a cannonball in Cornwall, Pa. Those join such interesting items as pickles, yellow pants, giant tortilla chips, lighted beach balls and more.

A few New Year’s items have been discontinued, for example a chicken nugget in McDonough, Ga. and a possum in Brasstown, N.C. I’m not sure what happened with the chicken nugget, but the PETA folks sued over the possum and won. The people in charge of that one had the possum lowered in a plexiglass pyramid, then it was released when the festivities were done, so I’m not sure how the critter was supposed to have been injured by the event.

Of course, right here at home we can see the meteor strike in Wetumpka. I haven’t seen a TripAdvisor list for this year, but last year it made that website’s Top 10.

If you want to stay in state but branch out a little further afield, there is also the Moon Pie drop in Mobile and the blueberry drop in Brewton.

In the meantime, bowl game season is in full swing, so savor the last few matchups of the gridiron season. It’s almost over again – talk about time flying past.

Until next week … and bless your hearts.


Peggy Blackburn is managing editor of The Wetumpka Her­ald and Elmore County Weekend. She can be reached at 334-567-7811. Her email address is

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