‘Wetumpka a safe place to live’

Published 6:30am Saturday, January 18, 2014

For the fifth straight year, statistics for the Wetumpka Police Department are better than the state average, according to Wetumpka Police Chief Celia Dixon.

“What does that mean to our citizens? It means Wetumpka continues to be a safe place to live, work and play,” she said.

Among the local statistics for 2013 were: no homicides in the city limits, all reported robberies were cleared/solved and 80 percent of the 70 reported drug offenses were solved.

During the past year Wetumpka police made a total of 1,062 arrests (79 of those were DUI arrests) and worked 613 traffic accidents.

Dixon credits Wetumpka’s officers and citizens with the department’s success in enforcement.

“We have officers who communicate with the citizens in the neighborhoods and in the business districts,” she said. “Because of that communication the citizens are more aware and will call and report suspicious activity. A lot of people who live in the city take pride in it and when something happens they take it personally and want to help catch the criminals, therefore they call us.”

Dixon said the department’s officers are vigilant and dedicated to curbing crime as much as possible.

“We have officers of all degrees – from some from just out of the Police Academy to ones with 10-15 years experience to some with 20-25 years experience,” she said. “They are always out patrolling our streets and neighborhoods and I think that’s a real deterrent to criminals.”

But, she said, it’s a ceaseless and difficult task to keep crime and criminals at bay.

“We know having crime down in the city will not always be the case, so we continue to seek the involvement of the citizens to help us,” she said.

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