Brewbaker: Sunday sales bill not at referendum ‘level’

Published 9:06am Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The continued dilemma regarding the Sunday alcohol sales bills which have been advertised in The Wetumpka Herald has revealed another twist.

Sen. Bryan Taylor represents half of the city of Wetumpka, but the half he represents has only one establishment within the city limits which could sell alcohol on Sunday.

Further discovery by The Herald found the specific boundary of Taylor’s senate district which encompasses all of western Elmore County, includes all of Millbrook but his district’s boundary to the east is the Coosa River.

So where Taylor’s district stops is at the foot of the historic Bibb Graves Bridge in downtown Wetumpka.

“All of the establishments which could sell alcohol on Sunday are on the east side of town,” Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis said.

That senate district belongs to Sen. Dick Brewbaker.

Last year two bills were introduced to the House and Willis was “scolded” by Taylor for not giving him the heads up about the bill.

In an email dated April 23, 2013, to Willis, Taylor said he did “not have any procedural ability to provide any input or otherwise amend the bills.”

Brewbaker told The Herald on Tuesday he is supporting Wetumpka and Millbrook in their effort to have Sunday alcohol sales within restaurants.

“I told the city councils I would support it and that’s where I am now,” Brewbaker said.

In addition to supporting the cities’ efforts, Brewbaker said he does appreciate his fellow colleague’s position on Sunday sales.

“I understand his position, but if someone wants to have a glass of wine with their steak, I don’t think a referendum is necessary,” Brewbaker added. “If they were opening the stores to sell liquor on Sundays then, yes, I would agree there needs to be a referendum. But I don’t think this bill rises to that level.”

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