Photo courtesy of FOX/American Idol
Photo courtesy of FOX/American Idol

Meuse dazzles in first live show

Published 9:42am Thursday, February 27, 2014

The jitters seemed to overwhelm some of the Top 13 American Idol contestants Tuesday night in their first live performance.

While some contestants’ performances were not what had been seen of them leading up to the live shows, Slapout’s Jess Meuse continued to be consistent — consistently good.

Meuse sang Shinedown’s “The Crow and the Butterfly,” and she shined like a butterfly while the staging behind her was much to be desired.

Annie Barrett of Entertainment Weekly said the graphics behind Meuse were “laughably busy.”

“The whole thing looked like a scary ghost world in Super Mario Land,” Barrett wrote in her review of Meuse’s performance. “But Jess kept smiling throughout all the nonsense, because she is here to sing! Damn, she’s good.”

Jennifer Lopez said Meuse’s sound and power of her voice gave J.Lo “goosies.”

Rodney Ho of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said Meuse “met or exceeded” his expectations Tuesday night.

Tonight we will find out just how good Meuse and the other 12 contestants were when the votes are tallied. One person will be sent home, while 12 others will live to sing another day.

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