Meuse makes ‘Idol’ Top 12

Published 4:52pm Friday, February 28, 2014

Jess Meuse is used to having to do pretty much everything herself to get ready for a gig.

She always did her own hair, makeup, set up the sound board and made sure the wires were plugged in where they needed to be.

Now, as a Top 12 finalist in the FOX reality singing competition “American Idol” there are some things Meuse doesn’t have to worry about.

And she said she can get used to it.

“Now that I’ve gotten this far it cool because there are people who do my hair and makeup,” she said. “I have extensions in my hair, and they do an even better job than I do putting them in.”

The Slapout resident survived the first cut from the live shows Thursday night.

Meuse’s roommate Kristen O’Conner from Sebastian, Fla., was cut.

“That was like a big slap in the face in terms of how real this is,” Meuse said. “I really like everyone and get along with the folks from Alabama because they are a reminder of a little piece of home, but it was hard to say goodbye.”

Still Meuse is proud how far she has come.

And on a whim.

Meuse was performing in the Atlanta metro area the same weekend auditions were being held for “American Idol.”

Meuse, without really giving it much thought, decided to try out.

And she has shown she belongs.

Wednesday night Meuse sang Shinedown’s “The Crow and the Butterfly,” and she shined like a butterfly while the graphics staging behind her left much to be desired.

Annie Barrett of Entertainment Weekly said the graphics behind Meuse were “laughably busy.”

“The whole thing looked like a scary ghost world in Super Mario Land,” Barrett wrote in her review of Meuse’s performance. “But Jess kept smiling throughout all the nonsense, because she is here to sing! Damn, she’s good.”

Idol judge Jennifer Lopez said Meuse’s sound and the power of her voice gave J.Lo “goosies.”

So what was it like to perform in front of millions of viewers?

“It’s pretty badass,” Meuse said. “It’s amazing to know when you look into that camera that you are reaching out to so many people. It’s such a rush and so worth the crap I’ve been through.”

Meuse and the rest of the 11 finalists will perform for viewers’ votes at 7 p.m. Wednesday on FOX.

The results show will air at 7 p.m. Thursday when another contestant will be cut.

  • TheThinker1958

    I think Jess is amazing. The first thing you noticed is that she is gorgeous and then she starts to sing and you know she has the whole package. Her last song was amazing. She did very good. If she keeps singing the right song I can easily see her on the top 4. People vote sometimes on the personality of the singer so to me when you lose is not 100% because you are not that good. But if she wins the whole thing I won’t be a bit surprise. She can go all the way.

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