Courtesy of FOX/American Idol
Courtesy of FOX/American Idol

‘Home’ wasn’t a home run by Idol contestants

Published 9:06am Thursday, March 6, 2014

When it came to honoring their homes, some of the contestants of “American Idol” may have gotten phone calls asking they not be affiliated with their hometowns following Tuesday night’s performances.

Entertainment Weekly’s Annie Barrett summed up the night by saying, “these Top 12 contestants are JUST NOT GREAT.”

There were some flashes of greatness from a few.

The trio of Alabama contestants represented well, but not according to Barrett.

Slapout’s Jess Meuse was “the biggest disappointment of the night” for Barrett.

Meuse, 23, reached back to her teenage years to sing Dido’s “White Flag.”

“I love this song and I love Jessica’s voice. … She was off-key to my ears, and no matter how much she was feelin’ the song, I was too distracted by that to enjoy it,” Barrett said.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer Rodney Ho agreed with Barrett saying there were high expectations of this Top 12, but “they aren’t reaching those levels.”

Ho, who referenced Majesty Rose and Meuse as Idol favorites, said the two disappointed.

Ho also ranked Meuse’s performance Wednesday night as one of the three worst of the night.

“I have a feeling Emily is going home though MK is a possibility, too,” he said.

His predicted bottom three tonight are Jena, Emily and MK.

The results show will air at 7 p.m. today on FOX.

  • TheThinker1958

    I think Annie Barrett was cocking or something when Jess Meuse was singing because her comments are way off. Jess pitch is beautiful. The Judges and myself agree that the ‘performance’ didn’t reflect the lyrics. Jess is growing as an artist. she wants to be better. She will be great with time. I listen to the song 3 times in a row and I loved it. She just lack some visible passion to convince the judges. She was top 4 last night. Barrett said that Jess was “feelin’ the song”, what is complicate wrong since it was the opposite.

  • Mila Horman

    Who is Annie Barrett anyways?

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