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Stanhope Elmore High student Pannell was arrested and charged with making a terrorist threat.
Stanhope Elmore High student James D. Pannell was arrested and charged with making a terrorist threat.

SEHS student charged with making terroristic threat at school

Published 4:08pm Monday, March 10, 2014

A Stanhope Elmore High teen is facing a felony charge of making a terrorist threat after he allegedly made threatening statements toward administrators of the school.

James D. Pannell, 18, of Coosada was arrested and booked into the Elmore County Jail Monday afternoon, according to Millbrook Police Chief P.K. Johnson.

Following the statements made by Pannell, administrators and police concluded there may be a possibility an explosive device may be on the school’s campus.

The school was placed on lockdown until a complete sweep by Millbrook and Montgomery police.

“The young man had apparently been subject to disciplinary action from the school earlier and at some point he made some very threatening statements via social media,” Johnson said. “It’s a shame all this had to occur because a young man could not control his temper and made some very poor decisions.”

After a K-9 unit and police swept the entire campus and found it safe as well as Pannell taken into custody, the campus was taken off lockdown.

“When you make threatening statements of the nature this young man did this morning, law enforcement, school officials and others have no other choice but to treat those threats as credible,” Johnson added. “It disrupted activities at the school, caused multiple law enforcement units to respond and certainly not the least of all, upset a lot of parents, students and school officials unnecessarily.”

Pannell will likely go before the Elmore County Board of Education to determine whether he will be recommended for expulsion, according to Elmore County Board of Education spokeswoman Judy Caton.

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