It’s time to simplify

Published 9:03am Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I’m on a mission to simplify my life. You would think that simplifying your life would be, well, simple. It probably is but because I’ve lived in total complication for so long, I can’t help but feel like it’s going to take a while to unravel all of the knots and straighten out all the twists and turns.

Do you ever feel like just going about your day is similar to making your way through a maze? Why do we do that to ourselves? It’s exhausting and unnecessary. We fill our days with meaningless twists and turns that accomplish nothing but keeping us from making our way to the “cheese” or our goals.

The first thing is identifying my “cheese” – what is most important to me and my family. Write it down. I feel like writing things down has a way of solidifying an idea.

Next, eliminate everything else. Sounds simple enough, right? Eliminating everything else is the hardest part for me. That means that I will have to learn to say “no,” eliminate unnecessary worry, clear the clutter and eliminate stress. (Is it bad that I just laughed as I wrote that?) It all seems so daunting.

I’m up for the challenge! I want to reach the cheese. I want to remove the meaningless and needless time-wasters from life and make every moment count in reaching our goals.

Every day should include quiet time for reflection or prayer. Every day should include quality time with family and friends. Who wouldn’t love time to picnic in the park or time to blow dandelion seeds?

Less stuff. Less work. Less expense. More time. More joy.

Shannon Elliott is general manager of the Elmore County newspapers of Tallapoosa Publishers Inc. Contact her at 334-567-7811. 

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