The best gifts for Mother’s Day

Published 10:59am Saturday, May 10, 2014

I’m really not a very materialistic person except for a very few things. Books and plants top that list. As for the rest, I really just want to have a computer, appliances and a vehicle that all work well.

Oh, I occasionally think of other things I might like – for instance I would love to have our deck replaced with a covered concrete patio. Mostly though I am OK with the status quo.

With tomorrow being Mother’s Day, I’ve heard a lot of discussion from people trying to decide what to get their mom for her special day. I’m pretty sure the mothers in question will be delighted with a flower arrangement or jewelry or with being taken out to dinner or a movie.

But, really the gift itself is not the point – at least in my book. The thoughtfulness behind a gift is what really matters.

Most of the things I personally like best as gifts don’t have a standard price tag. I would rather have something that money can’t buy – time.

Give me time with my children and granddaughter for Mother’s Day (or any day for that matter). Give me gifts of labor and time on projects from simply washing my vehicle to weed eating to raking leaves to digging a new flower bed.

I know those kind of gifts are not nearly as attractive to the giver as buying a crystal vase or sending flowers. I am not saying mothers don’t appreciate those type of presents, but I seriously think the majority of moms would rather receive gifts that derive strictly from time and love instead of purchased ones.

Those gifts of love and time also reach far beyond the moment. The memories made during a family visit can be recalled and relived over and over. If children plant a tree or make a flower bed for their mother, that gift will be renewed every time mom sees it. These are the gifts that, literally, keep on giving.

For those who simply don’t feel they’ve given their mother an appropriate gift unless it’s involved parting with their hard-earned cash, go ahead if it makes you feel better. But remember to give the gift of yourself, too, because that is what truly matters.

And mothers aren’t the only ones who wish to receive the unique gifts of self. Fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers … all will cherish and remember those simple treasures.

Until next week … and bless your hearts.


Peggy Blackburn is managing editor of The Wetumpka Her­ald and Elmore County Weekend. She can be reached at 334-567-7811. Her email address is

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