Holtville’s Rollan retires

Published 6:52pm Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It wasn’t about the trophies Robert Rollan’s Holtville softball program obtained.
For the veteran coach, it was about the trophies he and his coaches built, and those trophies were the girls they coached.

HHS softball coach Robert Rollan/FILE PHOTO
HHS softball coach Robert Rollan/FILE PHOTO

Rollan retired last week from the Holtville softball coaching job, and 30 years of teaching, leaving a program in that six years had to three area championships, four regional appearances and a state third-place finish. He said the success of the program rested on the players, not him.
“Anybody with any kind of vision and direction could’ve did what I done,” Rollan said. “Every year I was at Holtville, we had great girls, great parents, a great community. All they needed somebody to say, ‘let’s head in this direction, lets go.’ And they did. I don’t think I did anything special.”
Rollan felt blessed to be able to return to the area where he once taught and coached.
“I look at it as a blessing God gave me to come back here and coach all the girls I had the ability to be apart of,” he said. “A lot of the same families, I was able to be apart of again; that’s what made it special. Being a part of their daughters’ lives and to share that part of them.
“We had a special group of girls over these six years. There was a lot of talent and vision. I think for me, it was God taking care of me and my life, being part of these young girls’ lives. You can’t ask for anything more than that.”
While he’s unsure what the girls would say about him, Rollan said he hoped that the time they spent playing at Holtville created good memories.
“I think they enjoyed the program and I think we did it as a family,” the coach said. “It was good memories and a good time. We tried to create an environment that whenever the girls come back, it’s a good feeling. I think that was our goal when we started this.”
Rollan plans to spend more time with his family, and maybe cut some grass. Looking back, he felt he and his former players passed the test, and he’ll join them one more time.
“Just like they get to graduate, this is like that for me. I get to graduate.”

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