Election results to be broadcast live on Internet

Published 9:33am Saturday, May 31, 2014

The June 3 election results will be the first general primary in Elmore County history to be broadcast live over the Internet. Probate Judge John Enslen, chief elections officer of Elmore County, has made arrangements to provide real-time election results online at www.elmorecountyelections.org.

Those preferring to participate in person can watch the broadcast unfold onsite at the Wetumpka Civic Center. In addition, there will be a simultaneous public showing of the real-time election results at the Millbrook Memorial Center.

“We conducted a test of the system during the special election and received lots of positive feedback,” said Enslen. “We had approximately 750 online hits the last go-around, and I am confident there will be more viewers this time.”

The Wetumpka Civic Center will serve as the official election returns headquarters for the probate office on June 3. As election results are received from the 29 precincts around the county, Enslen will announce the results precinct-by-precinct as soon as the reports arrive. As he announces the results, they will be broadcast simultaneously to the second headquarters at the Millbrook Memorial Center, as well as to those tuned in online at www.elmorecountyelections.org.

“Because of the large number of precincts and candidates, the numbers on the screen may be hard to see,” said Enslen. “Everyone is welcome to bring their laptops or iPads so they can get a closer view. There is Internet service available at the civic center.”

Candidates so choosing will be able to set up their headquarters and watch live election results with their supporters at the Wetumpka Civic Center or the Millbrook Memorial Center. The news media will also be present.

Vicki Stewart, Elmore County elections specialists, has played an important role in organizing the election on all fronts.

“I hope our citizens will either come out and support their candidates at the live event or watch the results at home as they are broadcast online,” said Stewart. “If you come to the headquarters, we are asking you to bring your own snacks and some to spare and enjoy watching our American electoral process in action.”

Chief Clerk Brent Helms will man the election headquarters in Millbrook.

“We plan to gauge participation and will consider expanding by adding more satellite headquarters to other areas of the county, if there’s sufficient interest,” said Helms.
“We want to make the results easily and quickly accessible for everyone.”

Polls will close at 7 p.m. June 3. Results from the 29 precincts are anticipated to begin arriving at the Wetumpka Civic Center about 7:30 p.m. Only the Elmore County results will be announced and the first announcement is expected to be made shortly after 7:30 p.m.

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