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Abiding by traffic laws

Published 10:10am Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I apparently cramp the driving style of some of my fellow motorists – maybe even a majority of my fellow drivers. I would apologize, but I am truly not sorry.

Apparently it inconveniences some of the others on the road that I drive only three or four miles over the speed limit (in the right hand lane of a four-lane, mind you). How dare I?

My lack of appropriate consideration causes said super-aggressive drivers to have to slam on brakes to avoid rear-ending me as I poke along going 65-68 mph on 231 when they are cruising along about 85-90. I’m sure they didn’t notice my vehicle (if you’ve seen it you understand) until they were right on top of it.

At this point they are forced to jerkily and angrily cut off someone in the left hand lane who is traveling nearly as fast as they are. If a collision ensues in this scenario one of these days, I’m sure it will be 100 percent my fault.

Then there are those puzzling road signs. You know, the ones like “stop” and “yield.” Somewhere along the way I must have misunderstood and thought those signs indicated hard-and-fast rules when they are merely suggestions.

One of the worst places where people locally abuse a “yield” sign is at the intersection of 231 and South Main. I have even heard numerous people complain about drivers who don’t bolt out into traffic in the far right lane.

To make sure I was interpreting the sign correctly I checked with some of our local law enforcement folks (no, not my son). They confirmed what I thought was correct – “yield” does mean yield.

If you are turning right onto 231 from South Main, you shouldn’t dive into the far right lane unless no one is coming through the intersection heading south and no one is turning left off Breezehill (with the light) onto 231. I have to say it irritates me when I’m coming downhill, have a green light and want to get into the far right lane to turn into Taco Bell or Hardee’s and can’t because non-yielders are jamming the lane up.

Another of my eccentric driving habits is that I will wait at the traffic signal to make sure drivers traveling in opposing directions are indeed paying attention and intend to stop. Hey, agitated person behind me, I may be saving your life – you just never know.

Well, space is running short and there isn’t nearly enough to talk another horror related to driving – people in the drive-thru lines. We’ll save it for another day.

Until next week … and bless your hearts.


Peggy Blackburn is managing editor of The Wetumpka Her­ald and Elmore County Weekend. She can be reached at 334-567-7811. Her email address is

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