Senate candidates reaping benefits from PACs

Published 3:18pm Wednesday, July 2, 2014

With two weeks before the runoff election for the Republican nomination for the Senate District 30 seat, political action committees are coming to the rescue.

In the past three weeks candidates Clyde Chambliss, Jr. and Harris Garner have collected more than $125,000 from PACs to go toward their campaign.

More than half of Chambliss’ contributions have come from PACs, while Garner has built up some speed when it comes to his contributions.

In fact, Garner has been the benefactor of $75,000 in contributions from three PACs which are solely funded by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.

Earlier in his campaign Garner said he had been accused of taking money from the Indians, which was untrue.

Garner obviously changed his mind.

While the candidates have been busy collecting campaign contributions, they have been on the road lobbying for votes.

Earlier this week the two candidates were in Rockford during a voter forum, where both exchanged a few verbal barbs.

The barbs have gone beyond the forums, too.

Various commercials recently have depicted both candidates as “puppets” of various factions.

While research has shown that negative advertising turns off voters, it comes at a pivotal time in this race given the turnout estimates for runoffs are about 7 percent of the voting population.

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