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Police nab thief who barricaded himself in a Millbrook home

Published 5:05pm Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Members of the Millbrook Police Department and tactical units from the Elmore County Sheriff’s Department flushed a would-be thief out of a Millbrook home and into a cell within the Elmore County Jail.

Police responded to a person who was seen entering a home Wednesday afternoon on Meadow Lane in the Green Acres Subdivision.

When police arrived, 33-year-old Adam Mark Moomey, who is believed to have family ties to Millbrook, barricaded himself in the home with a hunting rifle when he realized police were on the scene, according to Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin.

“Our tactical until was getting ready to talk the man out of the house, but he bolted out of the back door,” Franklin said.

Moomey, who may have been “under the influence of some type narcotic,”  got about 20 yards away from the home and was tackled by a member of law enforcement, cuffed and placed under arrest, Franklin said.

Moomey was charged with third-degree burglary and second-degree theft of property.

“I am extremely happy with the prompt and decisive actions taken by our officers on the scene. I greatly appreciate the restraint they used under very difficult circumstances,” Millbrook Police Chief P.K. Johnson said. “From what I understand Moomey brandished a firearm while confronting officers from inside the residence. They would have been justified in using deadly force at that point. … This ended in the best possible manner.”

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